Come with a goal. Come with curiosity. Come to be.

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Are you:

  • Seeking clarity & insight into what is NOT working in your life?
  • Ready to allow yourself the time in an emotionally safe space to be curious?
  • Excited to step forward on a deepen & accelerated Path to Healing?

To us, horses are your agent of change! The human/horse interaction fosters the development of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. Willow Equine offers an innovative, ground-based, horse-guided approach to:

Why do we work with horses?

Equine-assisted work promotes more effective changes with more rapid growth as compared to traditional clinical and psycho-educational approaches. We honor you with by providing a non-judgmental space for challenges and struggles to be explored. The experiential nature of working with horses, engages clients in their own healing/learning process. You reach solutions squarely on your own terms. It is proven to be the most powerful approach to helping clients achieve and sustain personal and professional growth!

Our mission offers mental health treatment, with horses, focused on reducing the impact of anxiety, grief, depression, and trauma, while rediscovering authenticity, confidence, and trust.


Soul to Sole Connection Offers Equine-therapy to Help Military
Mooresville Tribune

“Because of COVID-19, mental health is currently a huge topic, and Soul to Sole Connection is dedicated to providing counseling in a unique, out-of-the-box way for members of the military, their families and their caregivers.” READ MORE HERE.

Willow Equine Uses Horses for Therapy in Mooresville
Spectrum Local News

“Willow Equine therapy in Mooresville uses horses as therapy to treat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, people with mental or physical disabilities, and people who need an outlet for stress” READ MORE HERE.


Putting the Pieces Back Together Podcast – Episode 17: Katie Stankiewicz with Soul to Sole Connection 

Putting the Pieces Back Together is a radio show hosted by Veterans and seeks to provide a space where Veterans and communities can connect, be heard, grow, heal, and ultimately put the pieces back together. Join John Gallina and Brad Borders of Purple Heart Homes every Tuesday morning on Putting the Pieces Back Together!

Services we offer at Willow Equine for counseling and leadership
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North Carolina Equine Therapy - Willow Equine workshops

The ARCH Framework

The Arenas of Change (ARCH) framework is a thought process to which our Professional Facilitators utilize as we interact, support and empower our clients. It is mindset that applies a story framework enhancing psychological safety, deepening and accelerating the process. When applied in an environment with horses, the ARCH framework impacts lives in meaningful ways. Willow Equine is proud to be a founding member, who has earned our designation in Mental Health, Horses, Military, and Coaching!

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The Eagala Model

The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Eagala), an international non-profit, has set the standard for professional excellence, in how horses and humans work together. It has a distinct, experiential framework, designed to allow clients the latitude to discover, learn, and grow from the horse/human relationship. Willow Equine is proud to have our Professional Fascinators Eagala Certified, with our Clinical Director and Equine Specialist earning their Advanced Certified and Military Designation.