Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly blossom while others wilt? The effortlessness is not unconscious, rather intentional. Those who blossom embrace and utilize the endless possibilities that empower them. They recognize, validate and honor the importance of “true self.” The possibilities are tucked within the buds of their being – physical, mental, emotional, and spirituality. These blossoms create a circle of wellness – mindfulness, meditation, introspection and reflection.

Mindfulness and meditation open a path to how your world effect your aura. Introspection involves analyzing your emotions/thoughts; it is the cogitate arena. Mindfulness is being aware of where you are and discovering life without judgment. It is the observer arena. When a person shifts from introspection to mindfulness, they pause and are present in the moment. Quiet introspection is a valuable step in obtaining empowerment coupled with meditation. Mediation quiets the voices and allows for a focus on the here and now. What is actually happening VS. What story is my brain creating? Mindfulness and meditation are holding space for stillness (not thinking), curiosity (not judgment), and openness (not resistance).

Mediation is a practice that allows for awareness to achieve clarity and calmness. Discover your sacred space – perhaps a space in your house, light a candle, play soothing music or outdoors in a favorite spot. Open the door to the quiet place. It is here you begin to blossom. Your inner peace flowers and projects serenity. It is here you detach from chaos and focus on being present. Rid yourself of negative thoughts, reflect on the whole of your being. You let go. You step outside of the maze of mental abstractions, conflicting issues, churning worries and anxious anticipation. The person who blossoms is mindful of the beauty of now. They live in the present. Simply opening yourself and embracing the moment cultivates a  state of authenticity.

Reflection solidifies the process, nourishing inner layers and allowing for (re)connection. Journaling can become part of the reflective process. It enhances your wellness circle by transferring thoughts to paper.

This heedful process can take 20 minutes, yet sets the stage for granger. How would it look to start your day with a clear mind? Replenish your body with a large glass of water and enter your sacred space. Close your eyes, inhale through your nose for a count of 3, exhale through your mouth for a count of 7 and repeat. Allow your mind, body and spirit to connect with whatever message you need to hear. Ask for guidance, envision success, but remember there is no judgment. Simply be grateful.

Mindfulness, reflection and meditation are not designed to “fix.” Rather it creates an awareness of one’s situational and emotional clarity. The person who blossoms has risen above pretense, mundane thoughts, petty differences and uncontrollable worries. There is a depth, a focus and a joy to life!

This article was featured in Lake Norman Woman Magazine

By: Katie Stankiwicz, Owner of Willow Equine