The SMA assessment only takes a few minutes and then we set up a Personal Reading to unlock your code. By discovering your SMA, you will unlock what makes you tick when it comes to money. In your Personal Reading, you will discover your Top 3 Archetypes, how they support (or hinder) your success and how to work in harmony with them. You will learn your biggest blocks around money and then how to shift them into Action Mode for lasting results.


Imagine you can “crack the code” of your unique money personality? This will allow you to reach the full potential of your personal strengths, gifts and values! Most importantly it will put yourself on a new path to financial and spiritual alignment and success!

Answer these questions regarding our Spiritual & Financial Alignment:

1.) Do you put off looking at your bank account?
2.) Are you making just enough to get by?
3.) Does more money equal working hard?
4.) Are you borrowing money from friends and family more often than you would like?
5.) Do you and your partner fight over money?
6.) Are there opportunities that you would like to take but something is holding you back?
7.) Do you wear a money mask from everyone in your life, including yourself!?
8.) Is there an invisible ceiling keeping you from achieving the financial success you really want?

If you answer YES to any of these questions … you may be out of Spiritual & Financial Alignment and we need to talk! 


Nurturers can struggle with boundaries. It is the whole enabling, rescuing pattern. The clear money boundaries will show that you care.

Mavericks also love money, risks and thrills! They’re very competitive and like to win! 

Connectors are more focused on people than money! They have a strong faith, trust, and optimism in the world!

Romantics love to live a flamboyant life! They can be very generous, but also have a lot of debt.

Accumulators appreciate and respect money but It’s driven by a deep rooted fear! They suffer from a lack of trust.

Alchemists have a strong love/hate relationship with money! This emotion can be powerful if channeled properly.

Rulers use money as a way of measuring achievement and accomplishment. The good & bad news is they are unstoppable!

Celebrities loves to be flashy and shows off! They are charismatic but can create a lot of debt.